bmiThe method allows the production of more doses per unit of purified viruses. The use of attenuated strains reduces biohazard and biosafety concerns surrounding the current production of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) from pathogenic strains.

Polio Types 2 and 3 have already been eradicated and efforts continue to eradicate Polio 1. Once eradicated, the WHO advises that countries continue to maintain vaccine vigilance for 20-30 years. After eradication, the biosafety concerns associated with manufacturing IPV from pathogenic strains will become increasingly serious.

orangecheckultraIPV™ Provides:

orangecircleImproved immunogenicity
orangecircleGreater Efficacy
orangecircleCost & time benefits and comparison against current/competing processes
orangecircleReduced manufacturing costs
orangecircleReduced Biosecurity threat
orangecircleSafer for recipients and populations

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 BMI is a innov
ative, privately-held vaccine design and development company located in Frederick, Maryland, USA.
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Download our recent publication in PLOS ONE describing the inactivation of polio using gamma irradiation: Click here.

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